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Factory Built Fireplaces

There are hundreds of different types of factory built fireplaces. The difference is the damper location is at the point where the smoke chamber ends and the flue begins, so grab your flashlight and look up from the bottom. Your damper will be the metal flap which is usually between 8 and 10 inches round. Some dampers in factory built fireplaces are square or rectangular. These usually have obvious handles you push up and pull down. Locate the device that opens and closes your damper. If you can not locate this call me. But give it a few minutes before you give up. If you're a filthy mess by now you probably could use a cleaning. Most of you do not. Factory built fireplaces are cleaned with softer brushes so the parts, that are all metallic, are not damaged. The smoke chamber, damper, and the walls of your firebox are cleaned with hand brushes from the bottom. No mess occurs in the house, a high powered vacuum is on at all times. I show you how to use the fireplace, what tools if any you should have, whether your chimney needs a cap or the damper needs repair. If your chimney is accumulating moisture, etc.. Usually in South Florida the chimney doesn't need to be cleaned but there is sometimes an issue with the chimney cap. Sometimes there is nothing needed and after showing you how to use it I give you a clean bill of health. MAKE SURE YOUR FIREPLACE IS NOT SEALED AT THE TOP.

Masonry Chimneys

If your chimney is part of an older South Florida fireplace, you may have the classic brick and mortar chimney. These chimneys are cleaned with stiff wire brushes for stubborn creosote or soft nylon brushes when appropriate. If you need fireplace chimney repairs in South Florida, call me to discuss any issues you might have.

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